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Dreamliners open up Ethiopia

EAIF supported Ethiopia’s national airline with a US$30 million loan as part of the funding package for 10 new Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ aircraft. All 10 aircraft are now in service.

October 2012

Ethiopian Airlines

Overall: US$ 1b
EAIF: US$ 30m (co-arranger)

Ethiopia recorded steady high single figure growth in recent years. Land reforms, infrastructure investment and foreign direct investment in a number of sectors are all improving the economic outlook for one of the world’s poorest countries.

With 96 million people and over 1 million sq km of land, aircraft are critical to trade development and unlocking the country’s potential as a tourism destination. Export markets, particularly for high value, low weight perishable goods, can be expanded now that the aircraft fly on regular routes.

The project has seen a jobs boost at the airline, with more people hired as aircrew, in ground handling roles and in engineering, technical, IT and administration functions.

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