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Climate-resilient, inclusive infrastructure is the lifeblood of thriving modern economies and societies.

The annual infrastructure funding gap in Africa is estimated at $50-90 billion. 

Blended finance is the most effective model to mobilise funding at scale. The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund was launched to raise and deploy public and private debt capital to deliver transformative infrastructure projects across sub-Saharan Africa.

We were the first company established within the Private Infrastructure Development Group, a multi-donor organisation with members from seven countries and the World Bank Group. 

Managed by Ninety One, EAIF  is today one of the most successful examples of blended finance. Our anchor shareholders are the UK, Dutch, Swedish and Swiss Governments; we periodically raise debt capital from private investors including Allianz, Standard Chartered Bank and DFIs including the AfDB, FMO and KfW. This gives us the stable base, long term outlook and ready resources of the public sector, combined with the imagination, commercial rigour and entrepreneurial drive of the private sector.

For 20 years, we’ve provided flexible, patient capital to a geographically and sectorally diversified portfolio of impactful infrastructure projects in Africa, worth US$ 1.15bn. We operate in 9 sectors in  48 countries and lend between US$ 10 million to US$ 65 million (including in EUR), typically over 15 to 20 years. The projects we support must be commercially sound and deliver significant and measurable socio-economic impact while prioritising  health, safety and ESG performance. 

Our specialism is investing in frontier economies where without our backing, game-changing projects simply would not happen. The Fund holds an A2 credit rating from Moody’s and has a minimal default rate despite a significant risk appetite. This demonstrates that we can invest in and deliver quality infrastructure in some of the most complex operating environments.