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Stimulating development - fighting poverty

Poverty is the enemy of progress, peace and stability. A critical component of the drive to alleviate poverty is stronger economies. Our purpose is to provide capital to help business grow stronger African economies.

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Commercial terms - promoting growth

While EAIF lends on commercial terms, it aims to support projects that promote economic growth, help reduce poverty, benefit broad population groups, address issues of equity and participation, and promote social and cultural rights.

We're helping achieve the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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PIDG - Private Infrastructure Developmetn Group

Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund is a facility of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG).

If you or your client are looking to finance an infrastructure project in sub-Saharan Africa please talk to us. We engage with African-owned and international infrastructure businesses; investment and commercial banks; governments and economic development and finance agencies; and civil engineering, project management and management consultancies.

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