Axian Telecom

Axian Telecom

Digital communications infrastructure
Digital communications infrastructure
EAIF: $20m

Provided debt as one of the anchor investors for a $420m Axian Telecom bond issuance. EAIF identified $20m equivalent of infrastructure in Togo (LDC) within Axian’s overall infrastructure programme which will be utilised to expand the radio access network for mobile services and build fibre backbone for broadband services.


Expected impact on people

In line with EAIF’s use of proceeds, 400k new consumers are expected to benefit. The largest impact will be felt by first time users of internet and those who suffer from unreliable network coverage.


Expected impact wider economy

A number of firms are expected to benefit. The largest impact will be felt by those that are highly dependent on internet for business operations and/or suffer from connectivity issues.


SDG assessment

9.C – Significantly increase access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) and provide universal and affordable access to the internet.


Market transformation

Challenge: Only two regional bonds have been successfully issued for ICT in SSA. International and regional capital markets play a crucial role in reducing infrastructure gaps by mobilising private capital into key sectors such as ICT.

Channel: The bond enables Axian (a Tanzanian company) to access large pools of international capital to deploy into ICT infrastructure across SSA.

Outcome: Deepen and diversify the pool of capital available for infrastructure development in SSA.



Mobilised $302m of private sector investment.


Climate risk

Transition: Axian is actively deploying solar to towers to minimise diesel consumption.



As part of the due diligence process, 20 HSES enhancement opportunities were identified which are now reflected in the Project Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP).


Applying for project support

If you are looking for debt finance for an infrastructure project in sub-Saharan Africa please talk to us.

EAIF mainly supports private sector infrastructure projects to create new or expand existing facilities. We welcome enquiries from companies in Africa and worldwide that want to grow their businesses in sub-Saharan Africa and share our commitment to the continent and its peoples. Enquiries are also welcome from  financial advisers and specialist consultants.