Applying for funding

The loan review and evaluation process is carried out by EAIF’s manager, Ninety One.

To apply for funding please contact us:

If you’re interested in making a loan application please give us as much information as possible at the earliest possible stage. The better the information provided the quicker a decision can be made.

Loan application and approvals procedures are thorough and efficient.

  • Initial project evaluation by Ninety One infrastructure and debt finance specialists.
  • Selected applications considered by EAIF New Business Committee.
  • Approved in principle projects go through full due-diligence by Ninety One.
  • Ninety One negotiates terms and conditions.
  • Final approval rests with EAIF Credit Committee and Board.
  • Leading to legal agreements and transaction closure.
  • Funds transferred when all agreed conditions met.

What we need to know about you 

  • Information on your company; directors, ownership, finances, domicile, P&L and balance sheet
  • Track record of your management and business
  • The project you seek EAIF support for; type of infrastructure, country, location, capital cost, project viability details, financial model, key risk factors, core benefits to the economy and people, details of project investors, promoters and developers

Please also tell us if you seek our support in structuring/arranging the entire project finance.