Port Autonome de Dakar

EAIF: US$108m

New National Port of Dakar and Special Economic Zone (SEZ).


  • The current port is constrained by its location in central Dakar with the city
    surrounding it.
  • The port is considered to be one of the city’s main contributors to traffic congestion, as trucks must enter the city precinct.
  • The port is also constrained as it has no deep-water access.
  • The port is one of the major ports of west Africa and a key driver of potential economic growth.
  • Under-investment in port equipment has resulted in limitations in port cargo processing capabilities, an old and inefficient port lay-out means delays and congestion.


  • EAIF acted as anchor of the regional XOF bond to finance the construction of a new modern port facility and Special Economic Zone. The bond, a regional offering to the XOF region of west Africa totalled XOF 60bn (US$107m).
  • The 7-year bond will finance the first phase of relocating the Port of Dakar and the construction of a new Special Economic Zone at Popinguine-Ndayane, near Dakar.
  • The deep-water port will have enhanced road and rail networks access into the west Africa region, securing Dakar’s position as a regional trade hub.
  • Construction expected to begin in late 2022.


  • The port is a ‘4th generation’ industrial port, and will be one of the most advanced ports in Africa.
  • Turnaround times will fall by between a half and two thirds.
  • A “Green port” strategy includes a largescale tree planting programme.
  • An additional 400 jobs will be created when the port relocates.
  • c.3,000 construction jobs.
  • EAIF promoting improvement of bond market efficiency through better transparency, covenants and reporting on ESG/HSES standards.
  • A new City district rejuvenation project in the location of the old port.

Applying for project support

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